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Nasal Cleansing Swab helps relieve cold & allergy symptoms after 2-3 weeks of regular use.

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Nazal Clean is an ergonomic hygiene tool designed to rid the nasal cavity of pollen, dust, debris and germs that cause Colds and Allergies.


Nazal Clean is a simple yet revolutionary device targeting any and every household that values personal hygiene.  Our new PATENTED cleansing swab is designed to rid the nasal cavity of pollen, dust, debris and germs without using drugs or by squirting nasal cleaning solutions up the nose.  It is safe and effective for cold and allergy relief.  As a society we brush our teeth, clean our ears and moisten our eyes....why shouldn't we clean our nasal follicles with as much care and consideration?  The drug market has monopolized the cold and allergy industry with chemicals that have side effects and no long term results.    Nazal Clean is a 1st to market alternative approach that delivers results. 

Why should you use the Nazal Clean?

Hundreds of studies show that cleaning, rinsing and blowing pollen, dust, debris and germs from the nasal cavity reduce sinus infections that lead to allergies and colds. Allergy relief is as simple as daily cleansing with Nazal Clean.  Mayo Clinic published in Jan 2012 that staph virus is carried at the front of your nostril, therefore a clean nose is a happy and healthy person.

The Nazal Clean is the first product designed to prevent sinus infections.Nasal Clean has come to accept Cold, Flu and Allergy seasons without a fight.People who work in smoke accept the fact that their immune system will be tasked daily.Outdoor enthusiasts load up on over-the-counter drugs to ward off symptoms.And animal lovers were watery-eyes, coughing and sneezing as a badge of honor.Time has proven that the Nazal Clean prevents symptoms that lead to illness, spreading of disease and loss of time whether it is work, school or social.We clean our ears brush our teeth and bath routinely why not prevent illness daily?

Nazal Clean is the perfect alternative to those of us who are oppose to pouring water up our nose! 

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